Serving your online customers by offering an excellent offline experience


Do you know whether your online customers are satisfied? Will they eventually return and make new purchases? Those are questions every single e-commerce manager ask himself on a daily basis. In a market of increasing e-commerce volumes, many web shops wonder how to make a difference and maintain their market share or have a strategic advantage. Many believe that offering a customer friendly platform with regular reductions and clear FAQ’s will do the job and assure the best experience, which is true to a large extent.

However, being in contact with e-commerce managers brought us to the realization that the web shops which really do make a difference are those that actually care about an excellent offline experience after purchase. This will depend a lot on whether the end-consumer has reached his objective  of obtaining the highest level of convenience, which they look for while making online purchases.

Quite often orders are made when your customers are at ease during lunch breaks, in the evening or weekend. The idea of a next-day and express delivery is great. Only, it happens way too often that your customer comes home after a long day of work only to find a note in their mailbox “sorry, unfortunately you weren’t home when we tried to deliver to you”. The opportunity will be given to pick-up their parcel between office hours, which you can imagine could be quite frustrating as your customer could have gone to a physical store in first place.

Therefore, Parcify created the customer-centric solution of putting the end-consumer in charge of his delivery by allowing the choice for the perfect day, hour and location (7/7 from 8 until midnight), with the possibility to re-schedule in case of unforeseen circumstances. By approaching the end-consumer in a highly personalized way and thanking him for ordering at the specific web shop, Parcify brings the service of a physical store straight to the location of your customer. No more hassle to get through a traffic jam, to find a parking lot, to be at the postal office before closing time or to wait in queues for your missed parcel. Convenience is key!

Is your web shop also aiming for an increase in customer loyalty? Do you really care about offering the best e-commerce experience? We look forward to talking to you.

Olivier Hellemans

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