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I am a customer

My Parcify address?
A. Your Parcify address is the address of the depot that is the closes to your location. B. You can find your Parcify address in the app in the tab 'Parcify address'.
How can I use Parcify?
1. Order online and use your Parcify address as the shipping address with "Parcify + your name & surname" as recipient. 2. Download the app 'Parcify' via Google Play (Android) or de App store (IOS). 3. You receive a notification when your parcel arrives in our depot. 4. Schedule your delivery when you want. 7 days/week until midnight. 5. Your parcel will be delivered to you with great care, wherever you are. 6. Enjoy your purchase!
Where can I enjoy Parcify's services?
A. Antwerp, postal codes: 2000, 2020, 2060, 2018, 2140, 2600, 2100, 2610 B. Brussels, postal codes: 1000, 1040, 1050, 1060, 1210 C. Ghent, postal codes: 9000
When can Parcify deliver my package?
Parcify conducts deliveries 7 days/week from 7am until midnight. Including on Sundays and public holidays.
Can I walk around during the scheduled delivery time?
You can walk around while your courier is on the road towards you. Do not leave the area where we are currently active though.
What are the max measurements for a package?
In volume the parcel can not be more than 50cm x 50cm x 100cm. In weight not more than 10kg.
Is my package insured?
Your package is insured up to € 500,00.
How much does a Parcify delivery cost?
A scheduled delivery by a Parcify courier costs € 4,50 in the app.
How can I pay?
At this moment you can pay with Visa, Master Card or a promotional code if you have one.
We are doing our utmost best to include other payment methods, which will be available in the near future.
What can I have delivered by Parcify?
We delivery everything except forbidden items such as drugs, weapons, money and living goods.
On which webshops can I ask for a Parcify delivery?
You can order on any webshop and have it shipped to your Parcify address (make sure to include both Parcify & your name as the recipient).
How do I know that my parcel has arrived at Parcify?
We will send you a notification within 30 minutes upon receiving your parcel.
I do not have a credit card from either Visa or Mastercard. Can I still use Parcify?
At this moment we cannot accept any other payment method (except for promotional codes) but we are working very dhard to change this. We will keep you posted about our future developments.

I am a partner

What is the advantage of a collaboration with Parcify?
Our service offers both you and your clients extra flexibility and comfort regarding the delivery. We deliver your customers wherever and whenever they want, with a personal touch. With Parcify as a delivery partner, you are guaranteed a premium delivery to your customers.
How can I become a partner?
We are delighted with your interest. Please find all information on www.parcify.com/become-a-partner

I am a courier

How can I become a courier at Parcify?
Apply online for the city where you want to work. We will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your application. More information on www.parcify.com/become-a-courier/
I am a student. Can I work for Parcify?
Absolutely! At this moment, we only work with students and independents as couriers. Apply now via www.parcify.com/become-a-courier/
Unfortunately we cannot employ people with another status. We are doing our utmost best to elaborate our hiring schemes.

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